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Managed Full Service Registration

Let Authentic Sports Timing streamline the entire registration and data management process

By utilizing the partnership between Authentic Sports Timing and Run Sign Up, we are able to provide a easy to manage and cost effective data management solution for events both large and small. Our platform provides each event with a customization, scale-able registration and volunteer management solution with advance features such as live-tracking and results notifications via SMS, email and social media



Allow Authentic Sports Timing manage the entire backend process of registration creation, setup and promotion.



Our payment network allows you to be paid quickly and before the event is over. We all know how important cash flow can be especially right before the event. Don't let your money be held hostage. Be paid on a weekly basis with automatic direct deposits straight into your checking or savings account. No more waiting for the check in the mail.



Stop driving traffic and potential ad revenue to a third party site. Focus your social media efforts by driving traffic to your site and keeping it there. Our flexible platform allows us to place the registration directly on your site, quickly and easily using our customer "widgets". These code snippets allow a full registration platform to be seamlessly integrated into almost any website or CMS.



No longer is it necessary to manually transfer data from registration to the timers and then from the timers to the results site. Our all inclusive process streamlines the data managements and takes care of the entire data life cycles. Information from registration is seamlessly fed into our timing system which then spits this information out in real time to the registration and results site. This leads to a better experiences for you participants as well as eases day of registration headaches and delays. No more waiting for results because the "day of registrations" are not in yet.